Product BARE TOOL WEIGHT (kg) Line Diameter Loading System Shaft Material Strap Compatibility

Power+ 35cm POWERLOAD™ Line Trimmer with telescopic aluminum shaft


7.63 0.095" POWERLOAD™ Aluminum N/A

Power+ 38cm Line Trimmer with Powerload™ Technology


3.3 2.4mm POWERLOAD™ Carbon Fibre AP1500

Power+ 33cm Line Trimmer


2.8 2.0mm Easy Wrap Aluminium AP1500

Power+ 38cm Commercial Line Trimmer


5.8 2.4mm Easy Wrap Carbon Fibre N/A

Power+ 30cm Commercial Brush Cutter


6.5 2.4mm Easy Wrap Carbon Fibre N/A

Power+ 38cm Anti Clockwise Line Trimmer


4.2 2.4mm Rapid Reload Aluminium AP1500

Power+ 30cm Brush Cutter / 38cm Line Trimmer


4.54 2.4mm Rapid Reload Aluminium AP1500D

Power+ 30cm Line Trimmer


3 2.0mm Easy Wrap Aluminium AP1500

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EGO cordless mowers match or surpass the power of petrol mowers.

Whether you want a push mower or the ease of self-propelled, our lineup gives you push-button starting, LED headlights and more.

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