EGO Replacement POWERLOAD™ Line Trimmer Head with Line IQ (For Model ST1620E-T)


For use with the EGO POWERLOAD™ 40cm Line Trimmer with Line IQ (ST1620E-T).

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For use with the EGO POWERLOAD™ 40cm Line Trimmer with Line IQ (ST1620E-T). The number 1 customer complaint with any line trimmer is line replacement. EGO has taken this pain point away with the World’s First EGO POWERLOAD™ trimmer head. Rewind your line faster, simply insert the line into the head and press the POWERLOAD™ button. World's first auto-sensing technology monitors and feeds the line for a continuous 40cm cutting swath. The 40cm cutting swath, bump-head line advancement, and professional-grade 2.4mm cutting line make this tool truly professional grade. EGO parts are designed specifically for your EGO POWER+ products and offer the highest quality, performance, and value.

Tech Specs

  • Replacement line trimmer head is exclusively compatible with the EGO POWER+ POWERLOAD™ 40cm Line Trimmer with Line IQ(model ST1620E-T & ST1624E-T)
  • Features World’s First POWERLOAD™ Technology - push the button to load the line
  • Features World’s First Line IQ™ Technology - auto sensing line feeding technology
  • Dual-Feed 2.4mm line
  • Pre-wound head with 4m of professional-grade line
  • Genuine EGO parts ensure compatibility, quality, and performance
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